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Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions


During the term of this Dometic Full Service Contract, Dometic will:

  • Supply replacement part(s) and pay the labor to replace the defective part(s) to keep your RV appliance in proper working condition.
  • Provide service for your RV appliance at any of our hundreds of authorized Team 2000 Service Centers throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Repair your appliance with genuine Dometic replacement parts, designed and third party approved to operate safely on your appliance.

This Full Service Contract does not cover service or repairs which are necessary because of improper installation, normal maintenance, cleaning, adjustments, cosmetic damage, negligence, misuse, abuse, alteration, fire, theft, acts of God, improper gas, electrical or water connections or unauthorized repairs or repair by persons other than authorized Dometic Team 2000 Service Centers. Confirm the Service Agency is a Dometic Team 2000 Service Center. Do not pay the Service Agency for repairs. Such payments will not be reimbursed.

In no event shall Dometic be responsible for consequential or incidental damage (including, where applicable, food loss) or damages due to delays or failure in furnishing parts or services for any reason beyond Dometic’s control.

Your appliance is installed in a portable vehicle, and therefore you can obtain service by simply driving your RV into any of our hundreds of Team 2000 Service Centers located throughout the United States and Canada. This contract does not cover mobile service or a trip charge or lodging expense to come to our service facilities.

This Dometic Full Service Contract is renewable at the sole discretion of Dometic. The cost of renewing this Service Contract is subject to change due to the age of the appliance and current service costs.

This Dometic Full Service Contract is non-transferable/non-refundable.

This contract will not be cancelled by Dometic except in cases of non-payment. Contract cancellations will not be eligible for refund.

If the serial plate attached to the appliance is removed, or in anyway made illegible, this Full Service Contract shall be null and void, and Dometic shall have no obligation or responsibility hereunder. No modification or change of this Full Service Contract can be made.